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SANE® Official Padel Rackets

Rissing 3.0 Carbon Woman - Padel Racket

Rissing 3.0 Carbon Woman - Padel Racket

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New control racket for the 2022 collection!

Fantastic control racket with firm touch and good feeling on the ball.

Medium touch with 3K carbon on the plate and round shape for a perfect control racket.

Racket technical characteristics

  • Player level : Intermediate - Advanced 
  • Weight : 345/365 gr
  • Balance : Middle
  • Shape : Round
  • Core : EV25 Soft
  • Frame : 100% Carbon - Double tubular 
  • Plate : Carbon 3K
  • Texture : Smooth
  • Drilling : Orthogonal 

The Rissing 3.0 Carbon Woman Padel Racket offers maximum control and power in the game. Its balanced design, combined with premium materials and SANE's 30-years of technical advancements, provides an easy-to-use and lightweight solution that reduces the risk of tennis elbow. Perfect for any skill level.


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